Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Gisele Budchen Makes Crunchy look like Crazy

Have you read what Gisele Buschen's said in an interview to Harper's Bazaar? You haven't? Well, you need to. Go on ahead. I'll wait.

Finished? OK.

WTF Gisele? W.T.F.

You have an awesome opportunity to spread the crunch as a celebrity, increase awareness about any good ole natural parenting topic you'd like. But, what do we choose to do? We decide to do an interview and claim that breastfeeding should be required by law.

Oh, oh, but that's not all! We also decide to berate mothers everywhere who use formula. Nice.

You could have been an advocate Gisele, instead you're giving crunch a bad name by acting like a radical zealot. Such a waste.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Pete's Birthday Present

I'm a little late on this since Pete's birthday was on the 12th, but we have a baby damnit.

Speaking of which, how long does "we have a baby" serve as an excuse to be a giant slacker for everything else in your life? I need to know how long I can milk that one.

So, the budget was a little tight this year with the whole having a baby thing and shortly before buying a 112 year old money pit rehabber. But, I wasn't going to let that get in the way of my awesome gift giver reputation. So, to etsy I went. I found an artist in California who does this delightfully pop-artesque illustrations from photos. One of Pete's favorite photos of him and X was taken with my iPhone, outside, in bad lighting. There's no hope of fixing it so it can be printed, but my awesome little etsy find could whip something up that's even better.

So, I sent her the picture:

And got back this fricken awesome illustration (printed on 11x14 archival paper, fancy schmancy):

(I actually had her change the stripes on X's outfit since they are brown IRL, but I don't have an electronic copy of that one. I promise we didn't spring him from baby jail before taking this picture.)

Oh, and how much did it cost? $30. Yes, $30. Crazy, right?

You want one? Of course you do, check out Emmie Bean's etsy shop and get yourself some custom art.