Saturday, April 30, 2011

We have a design emergency!

We have a serious design emergency that only the awesomeness of Vintage Revivals can solve! If you're here, pretty pretty please vote for the fabulous Mandi from Vintage Revivals to come to my house and redecorate/rehab/beautify our master bedroom. Linky here (I'm #114), or at the bottom.

How we got into this mess
We moved into our house about a year and a half ago. I was 4 months pregnant, insane, and thought buying a 115 year old rehabber would be an awesome idea (in my husband's defense, he was terrified of me at the time).

So, we moved in, put in a brand new kitchen, rehabbed the guest room, decorated a gorgeous nursery, got the living room and dining room prettied up .... and put boring beige on the walls of our bedroom and threw in mismatching furniture.

We need help, desperately.

The good: 9 foot ceilings, original hardware everywhere, big windows, original big white baseboards.

The bad: everything else

  • We can see True Value Hardware from our front porch
  • There are two fabulous antique malls a mile away
  • Home Depot and Lowes are 2 miles away
  • We kind of know what we're doing
  • We will buy you margaritas (within walking distance!)
  • We're pretty awesome and we're up for anything

Our Bedroom

Our closet. It's not good people.

OH yes, those are original doorknobs! .... with about 16 coats of who knows what kind of paint on them.

Art deco vent covers? Check!

Original baseboards? Oh yeah, we've got em. Unfortunately someone back in the 50s or so decided to nail a telephone line across them.

Furniture + Extras
Want to refinish my furniture? You have carte blanche. For serious; everything from my 100 year old dresser to the cheap ass bed. I've also got loads of random pieces in the house you can use:

I bought these tables off craigslist years ago with the plans to refinish them. Now, they are just evidence of what a huge slacker I am. They're about 70 years old, big, solid wood, and have marble tops. There are two of them. 

This dresser isn't in the bedroom now, but it used to be before we moved into our house. I bought it at an estate sale a couple years ago, it's about 80-100 years old.

This dresser is in our bedroom now, it's newer, but solid wood.

We found this mirror in the attic when we moved in, oh the possibilities!

My grandmother gave me a pair of these mirrors years ago. They are huge, heavy, and in desperate need of a coat of paint.

Two more of these. Seriously, how did we get so many mirrors??

So, PLEASE, vote for us, pick us, love us!


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