Sunday, July 18, 2010

$1 Cotton Babies Sale Loot

So, did you catch my post about the Cotton Babies $1 Sale? No? You should check it out.

Being the cheapskate bargain lover that I am, I decided to wake u p bright and early Saturday morning and head down to Cotton Babies. The doors opened at 9:00am, so I figured I'd be good to go if I got there around 8:00am. Well, when I rolled up at 8:20am this is what I saw:

That's the door. Ouch.

So, I walked around the building, and the line went all the way around (and it's not a small building). I ended up beyond the building, nearly at the end of the parking lot, here:

So much for beating the crowds. And so, the wait began. Now, I'm not a morning person, at all, but waiting in line was actually kind of fun. CDing mamas are just insanely friendly by nature, everyone was making friends in line and chatting. There wasn't one person just standing around playing on their phone. Cotton Babies had staff going up and down the line handing out cups of water and lemonade, and bagels. President and co-founder, Jennifer Labit, was even there, walking up and down the line and chatting with Moms, Dads, and kiddos. She was snapping photos for facebook and just being an all around cool approachable sweet lady. She should give lessons to the big box stores on how to handle Black Friday crowds, this woman knows what she's doing.

At 9:00 people were allowed in the building in small groups. It was extremely organized and fair, around 10:00 I finally got in the store! Yay! Except, there was another line that wrapped all the way around the store, and like I said, not a small store. Hey, that's ok, at least we had air conditioning now.

At about 10:45 I could see the light.
(the tables with all the CDs were just under the sign hanging from the ceiling)

But, people were taking their time, and rightfully so. I heard the first person to get in line arrived at 4:45am. Obviously you want to make sure you're getting the best bang for your buck, so people were pretty diligent about checking out the quality of each CD before committing to it.

At 11:15 I was finally in the sale area! Woo Hoo! I was concerned about what would be left, but remember what I said about organization? Whenever the tables would start to run just a little low, a new bag of CDs was brought out. So, the people at the end of the line weren't left with the rejects from the first people in line. And, there were a TON of CDs (below times about 5):

Most were in well loved condition, but there were some mixed in there that were on their last leg, and some that were in pretty good condition. My main priority was to find CDs with good quality elastic, since I'm not crafty enough to fix that, then try to make sure there was no pilling, and the aplix worked well. I'm happy to say I had excellent luck. There was a limit of 25 CDs per person (to all the husbands that accompanied their wives so she could get 50, you rock. Can you talk to my husband about that next time?) and I got all 25.

It took about 45 minutes to get all the CDs I wanted and sort through them (I lost count so I ended up grabbing 10 extra, and had to sit on the floor and pick out which ones I was going to give up). Then, to the checkout line:

That went surprisingly fast, and I was on the way home at noon.

Was it worth it? I got 25 used BumGenius CDs (sans inserts) and 16 used boosters for $39. Hell yeah it was worth it.

Xavier seems suspicious of them, I don't think he likes being outnumbered so badly.


April said...

Awesome! I am so jealous that you live near the store!

Victoria (Mommy Is Green) said...

Xavier looks so cute with all of those diapers!

The Swann's said...

Yep. Your photos confirmed my decision to stay home that I would surely make a wasteful trip there... :-) Glad you got some great deals though!

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