Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Obligatory First Post

Does anyone read these posts? I know I never do, but I hate to anger the blog gods by skipping it.

So, here goes; all about me and this blog, in list format, because that means you just might read it: 
  • Name: Laine
  • Age: 29 (and staying there, don’t bother trying to do math if it’s 2012. I’m still 29) 
  • Location: St. Louis, Missouri
  • Mom to the coolest little dude ever, Xavier, born in March of 2010
  • Wife to Pete, the most patient man ever
  • Owner of a 100+ year old rehabber we bought during my pregnancy induced insanity
  •  Furmomma to Ginger the Dog, Zelda the Cat, and Sam the Turtle

Here’s why I started this blog, stay with me just a minute, it’ll be short and painless:

I’m what I guess you'd call crispy (if that sort of thing is in your vernacular). Not exactly crunchy, not exactly uncrunchy (please message me if you know the opposite of crunchy, soggy maybe?), I fall in the middle. We cloth diaper, but we’re not switching to family cloth, I don’t use prefolds, and synthetic fabrics routinely touch X’s booty. I try to shop organic , locally, and free range; but damnit, sometimes you just want a strawberry blizzard and cheeseburger. So, this blog is about bringing out your inner hippie as a parent and person, just a little bit. You’ll get to keep your shoes on, and I promise I will never post a vegan cheesecake recipe.


Lisa said...

I love love LOVE your definition of a "crispy" mom. I find myself somewhere right in between but not gunslinging for either side. I look forward to reading more posts!

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